No Sound on Cubase Pro 10 for a while before I can use it


When I restart my computer ( Quad core iMac running Mojave, 24 gigs ram ) and run Cubase Pro 10 I don’t get ANY SOUND for a while I have to fiddle with studio setup switching between my Resident Audio T2 ( drivers up to date ) and internal core audio, then after maybe 10 minutes the sound works.

This started in my 9.5 version before I upgraded, made me upgrade hoping it would fix it but it’s still doing it.

Anyone else have this issue?
many thanks in advance!

I have a similar issue in 10, 9.5 and 9.

Often when I first load a project I get complete silence. I then close the project (but not Cubase), re-open the project and that usually fixes it.

Seems to be a bit of a random bug but it persists through version revisions.

I have this occasionally, too. Load up a project, press play, no sound. Check windows default sound playback settings, check to see if audio is routed to headphones, etc… Restart cubase & all is well. I have no idea why it’s happening.

Yup, same here - seems the larger the project, the longer it takes (allowing for plug ins to load etc.)

On a clean install of Mojave and C10 here, so as little as possible slowing things down.

This is now mentioned in Issues -

Thanks for you time in replying folks! Tried these things but still happens. I guess we just have to wait for an update which will hopefully fix this issue.