No Sound on Dorico 4


I am unable to get sound on Dorico 4. It was working until this morning and I’ve been using it for a few months with no problem. Now, the playback doesn’t work.

My sound library is installed properly. I made sure the output was fine. I tried testing the playback and the green metronome line moves. I just get no sound regardless of whether i’m using earphones or my laptop speaker. I even tried restarting my laptop several times and nothing has changed.
How can I fix this problem? The sound issue only happens in Dorico.

If you start a new project, add a player and an instrument, and add a few notes, does that play back? If so, return to the project you were previously working on, and try going to Play > Playback Template to reapply the default playback template.

Ok. Thanks for the help. I applied the HSSE + HSO in play > playback template window and now my playback works.