Hi all,

i played in a band most of the time live, but since then i have invested in some rig to see if i could do a home studio recording, ever since i bought my YAMAHA MM8 that goes with cubase AI4, i haven’t really capitalized on my investment. the thing that bothers me is i already connect my mm8 to cubase and it can detect my input on my mm8, but when i finally want to export my mix down, there is no sound even though there is a considerable amount of kb to it. can you guys guide me through this…thank you and Happy New Year. :slight_smile:

No system specs, no specific explanation of signal paths or playback media etc., etc. so it’s impossible to guess. Best advice is look at the sticky at the top of the forum of first thing to do and go through the manuals to get an idea how it all works.

The MM devices only send midi information over the USB bus, not audio.

I recommend you read the “Getting Started” manual under the help menu in Cubase, particularly the section regarding recording and playing Midi information. Key word= VST Instrument.

Sounds like you have to record the actual audio still. You recorded midi, but exporting plain midi does nothing.
Connect the output of your keyboard to your audio interface inputs and record each track to an audio track in Cubase and export again.

Similar problem as above. No sound when I export. Using Cubase AI 11. Mac OS Big Sur.