NO sound on HP Dv7 laptop , HELP please

I just installed Cubase 5 on my HP DV7 -4179nr laptop , says ATI high def audio device when I look in device mgr as sound card . not sure if it’s aiso or not. When I set up the VST audio system the driver drop down gave me 2 choices , Asio directx full duplex driver and generic low latency ASIO driver , I tried both and no playback sound, all the meters were bouncing so I figured the sound card had no ASIO driver , I installed asio4all v 2.1. Went back to devise setup and the drop down showed the asio4all driver and I used that , STILL no playback sound . I’ve been scouring the internet looking for an answer , Is it something I’m missing ? or maybe the sound card on my laptop can’t use an asio driver.

What OS?

I fixed it with some help from the home recording forum, they said to Go to Devices> VST Connections> Output Tab and select the output channels for your soundcard.
Then go to each track and select the output channel.When i did it showed not connected and not conected on the device port outputs , I tried the direct x and the asio4all and still nothing but when i used the generic asio driver it saw it and put speakers and headphones in the device port , so I’m good , THANKS

It is suggested you use a third party tool to scan your laptop to find out the bad drivers, then download and insall the compatible drivers. OSToto Driver Talent is one useful tool for me. I could hear nothing after Windows 10 upgrade. Finally, it helped me fix this problem. Hope this solution is workable for you too. Good luck. :slight_smile: