no sound on laptop

I have been using dorico 3 on my desktop with large monitor, external speakers, internal sound card, etc. The desktop is in the shop for a week or so to
put in a larger internal hard drive, new graphics card, update wireless which it never had internally, etc. so I am using dorico and other sound programs on my laptop zbook 15 inch 32 gigs of memory, 1T ssd hard drive. I have a second set of 2 speakers and sub woofer but when I plug it into the laptop’s audio input they will not work. I have an external sound card usb-PNP. I use ASIO2 audio driver on my desktop with no problems and it works fine with dorico 3; but on the laptop I have to use MME (microsoft sound mapper) to get the music programs to work. the speakers work fine with the programs that I can set the driver on the program (ableton live 10.1, spectral layers pro 6, reaper daw, ardour 5 daw, sound forge 13 audio editor, video vegas 17 audio-video editor, etc.). I do not know how to change the driver for dorico3 to mime. the output is set to noteperformer 3 in play. dorico ignores the external speakers or even bluetooth headphones and plays through the internal laptop speakers, a poor substitute for the external pair and subwoofer. does anyone know a way around this? On the other programs I just change the ASIO2 to MME and away we go.

Dorico, resp. its audio engine only works with ASIO.
So you are using the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver on your laptop then. Please go to Edit > Device Setup and in that dialog click on the Device Control Panel button, a new little window appears.
In the middle of that window it shows the available output ports. What is listed there with you, only the internal speakers? What if you flip the option “Allow host application exclusive…” at the top of the window? Do ports appear/disappear?

only the internal speaker is shown. when I turn off the option the internal speakers disappear and there is nothing listed. nothing is listed, now.

What if you download and install another generic ASIO driver? ASIO4All is free for download at

downloaded the driver and installed it. it now gives me a choice of headset in the device setup, which is what I needed. thank you very much. I can hear much more through the headset than through the laptop dinky speakers.