no sound on macos / phono preamp

hello there,

i worked with wl6 on windows for a long time and now i like to switch over to wl7 on an imac.

the problem is that there is no input sound with a terratec phono preamp, and the the recorded files will not play with the integrated mac-hardware (0S 10.6.8).

Is there a hint for me ? perhaps the phono preamp will not work with wl7?

thanks for your help.

greetings marco.

I think you have to distinguish between the two different problems: 1. No input from Terratec, and 2. No output from file playback in Wavelab. Is this phono preamp a USB device? Does it work with other software on the computer? On the other hand, do other audio files play from Wavelab? How are your audio streaming settings in Wavelab configured?

Luck, Arjan


the preamp is an usb-device and works with other audio-tools (for example audacity).

when i set manually the audio-streaming-options i can select the integrated hardware for playback,
and the usb-device for recording. after saving the settings as preset the settings will disappear.

then i went back to the settings trying to correct this again, but then there is no integrated hardware and only the usb-device is visible.

i checked it again, several times. after leaving the settings they are going to disappear. i think this part is a little buggy at this time.

hopefully this day i get another phono preamp (behringer) to ckeck this behaviour with a second usb-device.

greetings marco.