No sound on MIDI track

I did a drop of a MIDI track from Band in a Box to Cubase 6 Artist. The track displays the info, but no sound. The meter on the fader moves, indicating that the sound is there, but I don’t hear it. I tried the “drop” in another DAW, and it worked okay, so there must be some setting in Cubase that I’m missing? I’ve tried different settings in Cubase, searched the forum (not an easy task) and knowledge base to no avil. :question:

What do you have selected as the output of the MIDI track?

I have an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra as MIDI out and also Korg PA 800 that offers MIDI sound. I’ve tried both, but neither work. Thanks, mashedmitten, for helping me figure this out. :slight_smile:

You either need to load a VSTi in the Instrument Rack (F11) and select it as the output of the MIDI track or connect audio cables from the external module to your soundcard in addition to the MIDI cables and set up an audio track, monitor enabled, to hear the audio from it. MIDI is data, not audio.

Just after I posted my reply to you, I thought of something else. What if I selected Halion as the output? So, I just did the drop in an empty area below the other tracks, and, bingo, Cubase created the MIDI/Instrument track with Halion as output. Sound comes through great. Your suggestion “You either need to load a VSTi in the Instrument Rack (F11) and select it as the output of the MIDI…” reached me VIA hyperdimensionl communication before I read your reply. :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

Thanks again!!!

Hello, I’m a user of a macbook, and I’m newbie on trying to start composing easy music on cubase. I have a midi keyboard connected to my notebook, and successfully input some midi notes into a track. But when I play the track, I can only see the volume going up and down, but I can’t hear from my laptop or the keyboard.
I viewed many websites that told me to change my driver in the device setup, but I don’t see difference when I change it. what’s wrong with my cubase??