No sound on my computer in Cubase AI 6

When i start up Cubase AI 6, the audio completely shuts down on my computer. Nothing comes out, but i can see that sound is being recorded, Every other program loses audio, and when i look at the audio on the control panel it says that nothing comes out because it is occupied by another driver. The audio comes back on when i shut down Cubase. What can i do? i want to hear my recordings!

Look in Device Setup for something like “release driver when application is in background”.

I tried this, but nothing happens. I can now listen to other audios, but my recordings are silent. I record my self singing, but while im doing it i can’t hear my self, and when i play it back no sound comes out.
what do i do now? i can see im recording, but i can’t hear it… :frowning:

As you can see, it looks like the audio is inactive. but there is nothing i can click on to change. HELP!