No sound on new projects (D4.3.11)

In the course of doing an XML conversion from Sibelius I have discovered I am getting no sound from playback on new projects, either with NotePerformer or Halion. Existing projects play back fine. The XML imported project does not, and neither does the new test project I started as per the advice on the “Troubleshooting Playback Issues” video. Has anyone else come across this? I’ve attached both the XML file and the Dorico project here in case anyone can get it to work for them. (The XML is straight from Sib 8, the Dorico file has been tinkered with while trying to get it working, and the playback template set to Silence for file size).

Entertainer school orch.xml (854.5 KB)
Entertainer school orch.dorico (977.3 KB)

Please load a non-sounding project and then choose from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here please. Thanks

Thanks Ulf. Here it is.
Dorico (1.7 MB)

Okay, pretty clear and simple: All faders of all channels are at minus infinity.
So please open the Dorico mixer window by pressing F3 and there pull up all the faders.
But don’t ask me why they are all pulled down, I don’t know.

That was indeed the case. However, when switching playback templates it set some of the faders back all the way down, and when starting a new project from scratch it has the faders all the way down. Is there a way to prevent this behaviour, or is this a newly discovered bug?

I don’t know, but @dspreadbury maybe can say something on this.

Thanks for your help and such a swift reply on a Friday night! (Have a :beer: )

You are welcome. And actually, I do have one right now :grin:

I suspect if you go to the Play page of Preferences, you will find that the Default output level slider is set all the way to the left. Try dragging it all the way to the right instead.

That did it. Must have messed it up inadvertently. Thank you! (And a :beer: for you too)