No sound on particular project

I am sure there is an easy solution to this but I have tried everything I can think of and I can’t figure it out!

I recently upgraded to Cubase Elements 9 and I’m using it without any problem. I am running it on a PC with a Steinberg UR22.

When I try to upload an old Element 8 project there is no sound. I take a look at the MixConsole and I can see individual tracks are playing on the meter, but there’s no activity on the Stereo Out strip. All of the individual tracks are routed to the Stereo Out.

In VST Connections, the Stereo Out is connected to the UR22 output.

Can anyone please help? This same project was working fine in Cubase Elements 8 and nothing I can think of has changed!

I sometimes encounter a problem a bit like that even with C9 projects. I think it’s a bug. The best work around seems to be to re-open the project. In one case, I had 2 projects open – a new one (silent and currently active) and an old one. When I activated the old project, then activated the new project, the new project was producing sound. And there was nothing else I did.

Thanks, unfortunately I’ve attempted reopening this particular project numerous times and that doesn’t resolve the issue.

go to vst connections.go to output tab. and select output and input. I don’t know why this happens sometimes but I always fix it this way.

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