no sound on pitch and warp segments


This used to work fine but not any more since I upgraded to 8.5.

I analyse samples from my audio tracks and generate the segments as I used to do. I should be able to hear each segment as I change the pitch but nothing comes out even though the acoustic pitch feedback is on. Also, I get no sound if I use the segment play button (with or without the loop option).

Did I turn something off accidentally?


Make sure, you are using Monitor 1 from the Control Room as your main output. Not Stereo Out from Outputs. All preview are routed to the Monitor 1.

Hello Martin

I have not been near the control room ever so I do not know about monitor 1. Where do I look? devices? channel editor?

I have always used ‘‘stereo out’’ as my output and it used to work. I will follow your advice but I am not sure what to do next. Is there something in the user manual that I missed?

Robert (not an expert, as you can see)

I guess you have activated the Control room? If you don’t need it, switch it off in vst connections. If you want to use it, set it up properly. Look for Control Room setup in the manual.

Martin, Swengali, I thank you both!

Martin, you pointed me in the right direction and Swengali concluded that I had turned on the control room. I checked and it was on. I must have done it trying to figure out connections in Cubase. I turned it off and everything is back to normal.

It’s nice to have pros like you to look after us neophytes!

Gratefully yours,