No sound on playback, but exported audio sounds OK

I have (almost) the same problem:
Dorico 5 has no sound, either I tick a note or playback, scrub or not.
The exported wav -files have fine sound.
Dorico 4 works fine, exept that if I have had Dorico 5 opend before in the same session, it has som errors in the playback timing.
The settings in 4 and 5 seems exactly the same.

My diagnostics are attached here.

Best greetings
Dorico (430.4 KB)

Thanks @Per_Dybro_Sorensen1 , I had a look at the logs but could not find anything particular, except that you are running at a pretty big ASIO buffersize of 9600 samples. But that should still work…

Thank you anyway! I might try to reduce the buffer size of course…

fre. 26. maj 2023 kl. 19.55 skrev Ulf via Steinberg Forums <>:

Hi @Per_Dybro_Sorensen1 , I had a look again at your diagnostics and now wonder if it might have to do with solo/mute. If you don’t get any sound output, please open the Dorico Mixer window (F3) and check if there are channels in mute or solo state.

Hi Ulf, no the sound is not muted, and changing the buffersize does not help either.

Strangely enough it seems like both Dorico 4 and 5 suffers from a failure in exporting audio via Noteperformer 4, so I removed them both together with Noteperformer, and reinstalled Dorico 5.
This did not solve the problem, so right now I have reinstalled only Dorico 4 to work with, and I will try further work later in Dorico 5, maybe when the first update comes.
Best greetings Per

I have the same problem:
no sound at all in Dorico 5 on various Laptops
The exported wav -files are ok.
Dorico 4 is working ok also.
To me it seems to be a problem between Dorico 5 and the “Generic low latency Asio Driver”
No stream flow- connection or something like that.
a few Lines from a Log File
2023-05-26 14:37:02 : beginEdit [audioMap]: Remap Output Audio Ports When Needed
2023-05-26 14:37:02 : addMapping O to Out (id 22)
2023-05-26 14:37:02 : => port Lautsprecher/Kopfhörer (Real 1 (id 8)
2023-05-26 14:37:02 : => port Lautsprecher/Kopfhörer (Real 2 (id 9)
2023-05-26 14:37:02 : => not all wanted connections were possible (0 from 2)

Hi @Fes_Lehu , please load a project in Dorico 5 that does not sound and then do from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report. The corresponding zip file attach to a reply here. Thanks

Dorico (2.4 MB)
I hope this is the right File,

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@Fes_Lehu , yes, that was the right file. I had a look but did not find what I was looking for or expecting to find (in terms of what might be wrong).
But there is something else you could try, namely install the free driver FlexASIO and see how that goes. You can download it here.
After installation it will automatically in the list of available driver in the Device Setup dialog (Edit > Device Setup).

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I had the same issue:

No sound in Dorico 5
Dorico 4 is working well
Generic low latency Asio Driver

After I installed the FlexASIO driver the sound is back! For some reason the Generic low latency Asio Driver works in D4 but not in D5. Thanks, Ulf!


Thanks Ulf. the FlexAsio Driver seems to work better than the Asio4All-Sound-Driver, which I tried before but that driver was not perfect because it is not multi streaming,
But I hope, this is only an interim solution until the Dorico 5 soundproblem is solved and we can use that “Generic low latency Asio Driver” again…
Greetings Joseph.

@Fes_Lehu, good to hear that you have sound again. Actually, we probably won’t touch the Generic driver anymore. Our driver specialist is currently working on a new driver. Though the control panel will look similar, under the hood it will use the more modern WASAPI interface to “talk” to Windows. We don’t have a schedule for it but it is not many months away.

Hi @Per_Dybro_Sorensen1, could you also please try with the FlexASIO driver (as I’ve described earlier in this thread)?

Yes, I will do that😊

lør. 27. maj 2023 kl. 15.17 skrev Ulf via Steinberg Forums <>:

Thank you! It works.
And the FlexAsio furthermore has more sample rates than the Generic low…, which has only 48.000.

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Hi Ulf
I have the same problem on my MacBook Air. Is there also an FlexAsio Driver for MacOS?
Thank You!
Regards, Chris

Hi @Christian_Schonenber , no , that is only for Win, your problem is different then. So please load any project that has no sound and then do from Dorico:s menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

Hi Ulf

I have attached the wanted ZIP-File to this reply. Thank You!
Dorico (1.4 MB)

Thanks for the data @Christian_Schonenber .

But the contained files do not show me anything unusual .
Where do you expect sound to come out from?.
Currently you are set to your Studio Monitor.
If you go to Edit > Device Setup and choose
a different audio device, e.g. Intergiertes Audio-Geraet,
does with that sound come out?

I have a similar problem on macOS Ventura.
Mixer’s channel meter does not swing and audio is not output when one particular ASIO driver is selected in Dorico 5. This does not occur with Dorico 4. I re-installed OS and Dorico but this doesn’t help.
Diagnostic data is attached. Could you please advise on this?
Dorico (868.4 KB)