no sound on playback

I’ve always heard that referred to as a “mini-jack” or “mini-plug.”

I just a found a workaround to SOUND not working during playback.

I was in a practice project while learning Dorico. I selected a measure, tapped CODA. Dorico crashed.

When I relaunched, I got a panel saying the Petaluma font is no longer found on my system (not in the file, but on the system), and when asked to load the file that had crashed, II hit OK.

While the Petaluma font was loaded, despite the warning, there was no audio in playback. If I dropped into ENTRY mode and hit my keyboard, there was no audio, yet the green MIDI input light was flashing.

I switched to PLAY, opened the HALion editor. The slots were filled with the correct instruments, and if I tapped on the keyboard, the sounds were working. Hitting PLAY in the PLAY mode still produced no sound. Going back to WRITE mode and hitting PLAY still produced no sound.

I saved the file, rebooted my MBPro 16.

Loaded the file. Got the Petaluma warning, but this time it loaded the font. Still no playback sound.

I closed that file.

Started a new file from scratch. Without changing any settings, midi input from keyboard was fine and playback was fine

I opened the previous file that was NOT playing back audio and it worked.

For some reason, creating a new project must have initialized the audio engine or something. Not sure, but that’s my workaround for now.

During these tutorials, I’ve lost playback a few times and could never get a file to play back once lost. Now by creating a new project from scratch just to initialize things seems to be a workaround.

Dear Kcall,
I read your post and something caught my attention. Sometimes when Dorico stalls or crashes, the audio engine crashes or is disconnected from Dorico, and a simple relaunch won’t be enough. Restarting the computer helps Dorico app and its audio engine to reconnect. This has no influence over the Petaluma thing, but could certainly help understand some playback behavior.


Thanks for these thoughts on it. We are finding that relaunch, restart of the computer, and creating a new project in Dorico all help, while opening a project that was imported from Sibelius sometimes breaks playback. I also find that sometimes a tune imported from Sibelius that doesn’t play, will start to play if I change the instrument name in Dorico, for example from piano to piano. So it is still the same instrument, but actually reassigning it helps.

Oddly, on both of our computers, sound is now working in Dorico, but we have lost sound in Sibelius as a consequence. This is a bit of a problem because my son submits his compositions to his school teacher as videos exported from Sibelius, having converted from Dorico to Sibelius via MusicXML format, so at the moment he can’t submit work except as pdf. It’s a bit of a puzzle.

Thanks for all of your help.

Best wishes,