No sound on playback

Hello, pretty sure the subject title has been seen more than a couple of times on this forum, but none seems to really answer my queries :confused:

I’m new to Cubase, and in fact am still running the trial version (3 days left, hope to find some answers really soon, before finally deciding to buy it or not).

From first launch, I’ve had frequent BSOD, error message being an issue with the driver, so I’ve taken to using an audio interface (Steinberg CI1). Cubase still crashed on launch with that, so took the advice of another user on this other thread and deactivated Realtek before launching Cubase so that my CI1’s the only one handling the sound. Worked fine this time, no BSOD, no crashes, playback and everything perfectly normal. Closed Cubase, ejected the CI1, re-enabled Realtek - then re-launched it again a couple of hours later with the same settings; Realtek disabled, VST connections correct/same as before. And this was when there was no sound anymore.

I’ve looked up and checked countless times that I’ve got everything set up as according to instructions (heck, it worked the first time). Even checked to see if it was the CI1 or my headphones’ problem by opening Wavelab - sound worked fine there. It seems like it’s just something that’s missing within Cubase and I can’t figure out what.

P.s. Not sure if this is relevant, but the info line appears and disappears randomly with each launch of Cubase. I always select the same project template so I don’t think it has much to do with template differences like another thread had suggested. It also seems like Cubase works most optimally when the info line can be seen automatically on launch. I’ve tried checking the box to show the info line, but if it’s not there on launch, checking it only adds a blank space in the area where the line should be.