No sound on Playback

I am not getting any sound on playback. Does anyone know what might be wrong? Can anyone provide a solution? I am using mac OSX. Thank you.

Please try working through the steps in the FAQ thread.

Thank you. I’ve done as you suggest, and have tried to remedy the problem. Still no luck, unfortunately. I have a telephone number for technical help, so I’ll try that tomorrow afternoon. Thanks again.

I have worked through the steps in the F&Q, but I in PLAY, i see no option for ‘load sounds for unassigned instruments”. I don’t know how to use “Users/your-user-name/Library/Preferences/VSTAudioEngine”.
I have tried telephoning 040 210 35 219 which is the helpline for the UK given on the Sternberg website, but I get a message telling me that the number has not been recognized.
If I could speak to an advisor, I am sure that the problem could be corrected quickly. I would even be willing to pay for help.
However, since none of these options seem to be available, I would like to return the product and request a refund.
I am sorry it has come to this, but I have tried, but I need further help. As that seems to be unavailable, I have no option but to return the product. Can someone lease advise me how to go about initiating a return.
Thank you.

On my System Dorico was choosing Apple TV as default output.

It’s all working now. I managed to get telephone help. It was a simple matter of changing the playback device on my computer.
I couldn’t find “edit”. I didn’t realize that “edit” meant the edit on the mac menu. I was looking for it on Dorico and, of course, couldn’t find it. Very stupid of me, I know. Anyway, all is now well. Thanks for all the help.

I’m very glad you’re up and running, and I’m sorry that the instructions we provided in the FAQ weren’t clear enough to help you. Sorry for the frustration you’ve experienced, and I hope that you find things smoother sailing from now on.