No Sound on Sample Scores

Dorico 4.3.20. Windows 11 on MS Surface Studio,

I am doing my first Dorico project. Before importing my MIDI file, I tried playing the sample scores, but there is no sound. I definitely have sound with other apps. HALion is installed, and I am setup for ASIO low-latency.

I must be missing something simple, but I would think going to play and hitting the PLAY transport button would work.


Thanks, --Konrad

PS For what is worth, I am a longtime user of Cakewalk/Sonar and other DAWs, and was using Finale previously (although on a different PC) so this shouldn’t be too hard. :slight_smile:

Check Edit > Device Setup. Is the output configured correctly?

Cool forum picture!

It shows “Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver.”

And what does it show below the driver, I mean as output ports?

Or could you please load a project and then do from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and attach the corresponding zip file to a reply here? Thanks

Below the driver, there is a dropdown called “Stereo Output.” It is blank and there are no available dropdown options: clicking the dropdown arrow doesn’t give any choices.

Device Control panel has the speakers selected and they play in other apps.

Sometimes giving the driver “exclusive control” over output will show a selection of output channels. At that point try selecting one, close the panel, and see if sound appears. If it does, one can often then go back and deselect “exclusive control” without losing the output channel.

Good idea, thanks! The “exclusive control” feature of Windows is weird.

As soon as I get home ftom Symphony, I’ll give it a shot.

All the best, --Konrad