No sound on some newly-added instruments

I’m fairly certain that I used to get the same result. Before Olympus Choir Micro (quite some time ago) it used to load [GM 053] Choir Aahs. Now when I add single or section singers, nothing gets loaded into the appropriate VST slot. If I manually load any singer sounds into the VST slots and then apply the HSSE+HSO (Pro) playback template, it empties those slots.

After spending some time digging around Dorico- and Steinberg-related folders on my Mac, I discovered the file presets_for_instruments.xml in /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 5/PluginPresetLibraries/HSSE+HSO/ and also in /Applications/Dorico .

In both those files, of the 13 “instruments” which have singers as part of their designation (alto, baritone, bass, choir.reduction, contralto, counter-tenor, lead, mezzo-soprano, soprano, tenor, tenor.8va, treble, voice), all have Preset preferred set to Sustain Ah. The first 12 have Preset set to Aah To Ooh Choir NoteExp as in this screen shot of the instrument.singers.soprano information.

The last one, instrument.singers.voice, has Preset set to [GM 053] Choir Aahs.

Despite what presets_for_instruments.xml indicates should happen, it does not.

Please help with this issue - no sound for some players (piano) with templates on Dorico 5 after upgrade.
I am on Dorico 5.0.20 and reinstalled Halion Sonic 7.0.20 and Sonic SE 3 (both recommended).
Solution is to open every template, load sounds manually and save as user templates, but I really would like to avoid this.
Whats even worse - now my Dorico 4 doesn’t load some sounds with templates!
Something went wrong devs :frowning:
Or maybe the cause is that I had D4 then demo D5 then D5 full upgrade?

@MarcinEr, you should follow the steps here:

I just installed a fix from you and commented - it fixed the problem partially .
Piano loads OK now but no choir voices in templates. Please check it.

Yes, so you are reporting the same issue as Steven, the original poster in this thread. For the time being, you will need to load the Olympus Choir Micro sounds manually.


“Curiouser and curiouser”!

I created a new document (in Dorico Pro 5), added Choir SATB with piano from the Choral templates in the Hub, and input some notes on all staves. The Playback Template was HSSE+HSO (Pro), which is my default. As expected, there were no sounds loaded in the VST slots. In Endpoint Setup, the Expression map column displayed “Velocity + Mod Wheel Dynamic” for all the voices.

As an experiment, I went to Play > Playback Template… and applied the HSSE (SE) template. To my surprise, all the VST slots for the voices now displayed “Aah To Ooh Choir NoteExp” and I had playback of the voices. In Endpoint Setup, the Expression map column displayed “CC11 Dynamics” for all the voices. Numerous re-applications of one Playback Template and then the other, saving, quitting and re-opening the project confirmed that it was not a one-off occurrence.

I checked the presets_for_instruments.xml file in /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 5/PluginPresetLibraries/SE/. Whereas that file for HSSE+HSO had entries for Preset and Preset preferred, the file for SE did not have an entry for Preset preferred but only had an entry for Preset. I don’t know if that is a symptom or a cause, but am offering that info in case in helps in sorting out what is going on.

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In this case I would load manually sounds from Olympus Micro and save the project as my template.

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That’s what I have been doing.

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The problem is with the updated paths in the presets.xml files installed to address the issues with the paths inside the .vstsound archives having changed in the update that changed the name of the HALion Sonic SE factory content to HALion Sonic Selection. We’ve erroneously changed the path for the Olympus Choir Micro sounds as well, when in fact they are unaffected by the change in HALion Sonic Selection. I’m not sure how we will fix this, but I’ll discuss with our installer team this week.