No sound on video learning tutorials, cubase 13

i have recently bought cubase artist 13, i cant get any sound from the learning video tutorials, all instruments play and sound okay, just no sound learning tutorials ???.

I’m guessing this is occurring while you also have Cubase open. Some Audio Interfaces only allow one program at a time have access to the ASIO Audio (while other, typically more expensive interfaces, allow multiple simultaneous uses). For interfaces with restrictive access there is a setting in Cubase Preferences that will cause Cubase to release the driver when Cubase doesn’t have focus - for example when using a browser to watch a video. Sorry not at Cubase to give the specific setting, but it’s easy to find.

many thanks Raino, i do have sound when im off the cubase hub and accessing the tutorials via YOUTUBE, im guessing i need to purchase an audio interface for audio input device connections which at the moment is showing “not connected” and wont connect to “low latency asio driver”" you may have guessed im “a beginner” new to cubase.