No sound or levels in cubase

Hi! I had a very similar problem with Dorico when i started using that a few weeks ago, and i thought that after finally solving that, that i’d be able to get this to work, but no. So once again i have to ask the pros for help.

I have a USBPre2 sound device set up to my windows 11 computer. The headphones work through the device and i get sound from the computer, including by the way Dorico.
But i don’t get any sound through Cubase, and i don’t get any levels showing up either.
Here’s how the set up looks. I wonder if i have missed something.

If i go Studio-Studio Setup-Audio System-Control Panel, this is what it looks like, and there is nothing in the Device menu.

The one thing i can think of is that i might have installed the wrong driver or done it wrong. I tried to find exactly what driver i’m supposed to use but it was tricky and i’m not sure, so maybe that would be my first question. Exactly what driver should i use if i have a USBPre2 sound device.
If you have any idea at all to what might fix this i would appreciate it if you could let me know.

The ASIO interface is completely separate from the Windows Audio system.

You are asking about outputs, but your pic only showed inputs. Have a look, and show us your outputs, or maybe this will be enough to help you solve the problem.

Sorry, this is the output. It looks like it’s using the USBPre2:

Hi, i have the same problem. Let me know if you will find out how to fix this. If i will find the answer i will let you know.

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Do you also have a USBPre2?

I don’t know this device but I would expect to see its name and outputs in its control panel.

That’s exactly the same for me. Everything looks like it’s using the right driver except it doesn’t show in that window and there’s no sound or levels.

That was just a copy of your image, I don’t have that device.

I think you should go to their website. It doesn’t look they have updated the driver in nearly half a decade.

asio4all is what you might have to use.

I have Steinberg Ur22MKII

I still haven’t gotten any sound or levels. My next move might have to be deleting everything and uninstalling everything Steinberg and start from the beginning.