No Sound ouput

Hi All,

running cubase artist 10.5.12 with an RME Babyface card with driver 1.168 on windows 10
From 1 day to the other I have no sound output from cubase anymore.
I open a project, no sound no meters no nothing.
When I open a project and I have no sound I can solve it sometimes by disconnecting the audio connections and reconnect them again or restarting cubase. This can take several attempts. In the end at some point the sound comes back.
The generic low latency asio driver works fine in cubase.

The babyface is in perfect working order and works with the pc, and other sound tools.
I have reinstalled the babyface with no result.

There where no changes prior to this issue to my pc software.
I could reinstall cubase but I will leave that to a last resort.

Has anyone experienced this as well and has a solution or an idea?

It would be very welcome.

many thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome,

Please, try to reinstall Cubase. You will not lose anything, it’s worth to try.

ok cheers, ill have a go at it.

I am having a similar issue with my Motu 828es… :imp: