no sound out of Cubase 5?!?


I have an iMac that I’ve just installed the full version of Cubase 5 on. I have a steinberg CI2+ audio interface, and am simply trying to record myself playing violin through the pickup I just got for it.

I can see that sound is being input to cubase because the audio images show up, but I can’t get ANY sound out of cubase. it won’t play back what I’ve recorded, but won’t even play the loops or the sounds under the media pulldown.

I know that cubase is designed to only work through one sound card, but I guess I just don’t understand how to switch it so that audio can come out through the CI2+.

when I play, I can hear myself in the headphones, I can see that audio is making it into cubase and is being recorded, but no sound of any kind will come back out of cubase…which sounds to me like I’ve messed something up with the buses; but no matter what I manipulate, it won’t work.

can anyone help?

Hi !

When you hit play can you see any meters moving ? For example in mixer view track concerned or stereo out 1 meters ? If you check VST Connections what do see as audio output device ?

Any channels muted ? You do have external (amplified) speakers connected to Steiny audio interface, right ?

Can you explain the whole HW setup you have. You have done something right if you can see recorded waveform and hear yourself via phones whilst playing.

If you start with a fresh project everything is defaulted to main stereo 1 output so there’s not much chance you have messed up something with the buses.

…and sorry for the last question…you have used earlier versions of Cubase before ? Meaning you are familiar with the concept ? If you are all I wrote above you can ignore.

…okay, one more thing to check…what is the word clock setting of your VST connections - internal or something else ? If you do not have any external clock source and you are trying to sync with something else than internal there will be no audio. Try switching between different options (internal first) and it might work…

cheers and good luck,

hey braunie

thanks very much for your advice! I checked through everything that you said and it still didn’t work. it turns out that I had the CI2+ interface mix knob turned to input only…such a dumb problem, but if anyone is reading this and had the same problem, pay attention to the mix knob.

Thanx again Braunie

So…keep on rockin’ then :slight_smile: Glad You sorted it out !!