No sound outout in new project (LE5)

I just created a new project and am trying to sequence instrument tracks. The gage fills up when the notes are played, but no sound comes out. All my previous projects have output just fine, but the new one doesn’t for some reason. This happened before, and I don’t recall how I fixed it.

Any help is always appreciated…

I am having the same problem with cubase elements 7. It is not the first time. Years ago my work around was to use the demo song that can with the old program and clear it out of most of the song content and use it as a template. There was I believe some setting I was missing, but for the life of me I never found it. At present I can get a signal on to the stereo in meters but I cannot record it onto a track. Cubase only half sees my H4n unit.
It would be great to resolve this and give Cubase the credit that is due.

I’m using the AI7 version bundled with the UR22 audio interface. Another case of not getting any sound output. I can plug in and record just fine. The timelines are filling up with ‘sound’ so it looks like recording is ok.

Press play and can’t hear a thing. In my case the output buses suggest the outputs of the UR22 are trying to be used (I don’t have any speakers in them). But I have no output bus option (even through adding a new bus) to use the existing soundcard or any other output.

Even if I put headphones in the UR22 I still can’t hear playback. And i haven’t had any response on hear or to a direct customer service email, so am more than a little disappointed at the level of support.

Guys: Have you read this :question: -----

Also have you guys turned your monitor buttons off for Playback :question:

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Not quite on topic, however I updated to 7.07. Now at least I can record audio using a H4n. It is not quite right but I think I am winning.