No sound output from Alexis SR 16 into Cubase LE 7

Windows 11. Cubase LE 7. Steinburg UR 22. Alesis SR 16 drum machine settings: “MIDITHRU”-“CLOCK OUT”-CLOCK IN">ALL SET TO “OFF”. “DRUM OUT”-“ON”, “DRUM IN”'-“ON V1”, MIDI CHANNEL 10 . Cubase track settings: Channel 10, Routing input-All MIDI. Routing output-Steinberg UR 22-1. Drum machine on. Recording on. Sound bar indicator jumps, a track is recorded on screen. Play back track, the sound bar jumps. BUT NO SOUND! Does anyone have a fix?

Well, at least readable sentences were good.
I’m sorry if it means a little bit of work for you to get assistance.

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Wow, that was difficult to read. Are you recording to an audio track? It seems so, but with all the MIDI talk I’m not sure. If audio, make sure you disable the monitor button for your audio track for playback purposes.

Did you set the Alesis to channel 10 too and make sure you’re in pattern mode? Been awhile since I used mine (actually found out in the garage last weekend), but it sounds like you’ve just about got everything set right.

Does it make noise when you hit notes in the piano roll like it should?

Don’t know what piano roll is. Yes, in pattern mode. There are 49 patterns on the Alexis SR 16. The patterns played thru MIDI can be seen as the sound bar jumps. But no sound when recording played back. Thanks for your feed back.

You could try to look for answers in the SR 16 manual. MIDI setup is all covered from page 41:

If you just want audio and not the MIDI data you just go out of the stereo output jacks into your soundcard.

Thanks for your reply. I have the SR16 Manuel. The settings I stated earlier appear to be correct. As an experiment: If I connect a MIDI cable from the UR22 MIDI out to the SR16 MIDI in, the recorded drum track plays back. This verifies that the Cubase program is receiving the SR16 data. But, the recorded data won’t play without the drum machine MIDI attached. Any suggestions?

It sounds like you are recording your SR16 on a MIDI track. Is this right? Does your track have this MIDI symbol?

If that’s the case, you need a MIDI connection back to your drum machine. Otherwise there is nothing to play back the MIDI events.
If you intended on recording audio from your SR16, you need to connect it to audio inputs on your UR 22 and record on an Audio Track.

The Cubase le 7 does not have a MIDI track symbol that you pointed to. So, I will give up on MIDI for now. However. I took your audio recording suggestion. I took the right audio chord going from the SR16 to my mixer and plugged it in the UR22 guitar (left) port. Recorded the drum track! Thanks!