No sound output from VST Connect Performer program, but vuemeters OK

Hello all,

i’m having this strange issue with cubase vst performer. I do get signal, because i see stuff moving on the vue meter in “master”. I have mapped it to my sound card output (mackie onyx 400f). I’m hearing no sound at all on my end. On the producer’s side all is ok.

the config for vst connect pro 5 and vst performer :

  • windows 10, latest update, cubase 11 pro. Steinberg sound card or mackie onyx 400f soundcard (low latency cards)

I mapped stereo out 1&2 for my mackie sound card. And i even tried another soundcard with no luck. No sound at all !

Any ideas ? This is really disturbing as this is delaying our production.

thanks !

If the Performer Master meters move, make sure to have it connected to your monitor or headphone output by assigning it at the top of that channel. However, I take you already did that, then there is no reason at all that the signal should not appear right there. Double-check your connections.

“Cubase VST Performer” - there is no such thing, but again I guess you kinda know that and that you are talking about the VST Connect Performer standalone application, right?

thanks for your reply.
Yes my mistake, its VST Connect Performer standalone application.

“make sure to have it connected to your monitor or headphone output by assigning it at the top of that channel”.

I did that , i selected any kind of output available from “master” and still no output wether its with my mackie soundcard or another soundcart.

The vuemeters do move yes, and on the producer side all is ok.

We never had such a case. If an output is selected on top of the Performer MASTER channel (if you change that on either side, you should see the change on the other side as well), and the meters move, a signal appears on that very output, never had any case where that would not be the case. Try insert a generator plugin on the master channel; even when not connected, you should hear it.

The Vue meters do move without any problems and on either side. But the issue for me (the performer) is not hearing what i’m playing and not hearing the tracks that the producer is playing for me to play with.
Could you tell me more about the generator plugin? What should i do exacty ?

thanks !!

First, when Studio plays something that is sent to the VST Cue channel, the STUDIO meters should move. If not, the Problem is in the Cubase/Nuendo side, make sure Talkback is enabled and that playback tracks are beeing sent to the VST Connect Cue plugin.
Second, for the Performer to hear his or her channels - and actually be able to record them - select audio inputs at the top of MIC and/or INSTR channels. See picture.
Third, select the MASTER channel (make sure it is highlited like “Instr” in the picture), click INS at the bottom right and apply a test tone, oscillator, generator, noise…whatever plugin that produces noise on its own. There should be plenty of free test tools out there.

But again, if the meters move, some other meters must move as well (mic, ins, or studio), and then there is always a signal at the output applied (see picture), this has never failed so pls souble-check where you route that output to, and that speakers or headphones are connected there and volume applied.


Also check this for a lot of tips, hints, and suggestions:

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thanks for the info, i did all that !
Working OK now, but i had to change with another sound card.
So the issue came from my mackie onyx 400f soundcard. Performer is not compatible with this soundcard and i don’t know why.

I notice that with my other soundcard there is some strong latency when playing and when trying to record with the metronome … Do you have the same issue ? Or is latency good on your end ?

I play guitar


Local latency depends on your audio interface buffer settings.

For what it’s worth, the Onyx 400f drivers are woefully out of date. Windows 10 is not officially supported–Mackie stopped updating at Windows 7, and the Mac drivers haven’t been updated in years. It’s annoying and a black mark on Mackie. The drivers are 32-bit only. The 400f was a great piece of hardware which received minimal support before it was discontinued. I actually have an old laptop set up with a fairly ancient OS so that mine doesn’t have to be a complete doorstop. Can’t sell it for much, and it’s a solid piece of basic equipment, so don’t want to just throw it away. But its time is past due.

It’s no surprise here that it doesn’t work with VST Connect Performer, based on all of the above.


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that is sad indeed because i love my onyx 400f, love the preamps !
We recorded 3 albums (guitars and bass) with it and it just stands out compared to a lot of recording equipment.

For quick “replacement” i purchased a steinberg ur22c just for the usb3 support and because its steinberg just like cubase.

just an update :
all is perfect with my setup now (using steinberg ur22c sound card) latency is perfect !! i notice no latency in fact so i’m really impressed !

Only remaining issue is that i was told that streaming of the producers track were available but i see no streaming of the projet … :frowning:

Thanks to all