No Sound output

I use Cubase LE 9.5 with Native Instruments Komplete audio 6. I recently listened to a track I was working on through the laptop so the laptop changed the audio driver to generic low latency driver. When I change the driver back to Komplete audio 6, I could get no output sound. I can now not get any output sound whether I use the Audio 6 or rhe generic. The audio connections and studio setup show the right connections and I can see the faders in Cubase working, but no sound. Does anybody have any suggestions?

Does the master fader level meter show a signal?

No it doesn’t. How do I reconnect that?

Set the ouput routing of any track back to your Stereo output. Either in the Inspector or in the Mixconsole.

Did that and it makes no difference. The program has also made a number of my VST audio files disappear. Any ideas?