No Sound Outside of Cubase 5

Hardware I’m using - UR28M and an AT4040. I can record/monitor in cubase 5, vsts work, everything seems good.

I have NO audio monitoring of my mic if I click outside the cubase program. I have no ability to record in audacity or talk in teamspeak outside of cubase. I can’t even hear me talking into the mic via headphones plugged into the ur28m because Cubase takes 100% control of my UR28M And EVEN WITH THE OPTION CHECKED, to release audio outside application (in cubase), it does nothing.

Do I need different drivers, or is my hardware or software set up incorrectly?..

Thanks for taking time to read this. I found a thread about this on reddit, someone mentioned drivers?

I found this thread below, which I thought might help? Not sure…

“If you use the generic sound driver on cubase, it will take “control” of it as soon as it launches, muting anything outside of it. You will have to use separate drivers (ex. Audio Interface drivers) if you want to hear both at the same time.”