No Sound Outside of Cubase in Windows 10

Up until recently, I’ve been able to hear sound through my Audient id44 interface when Cubase was not open. It was far from perfect, and sometimes I would have to restart my computer to get sound from the other sources (Spotify etc), but it would always work after a restart.

I know about the “release driver when application is in background” setting and that does not seem to affect the issue. I’ve also re-installed the audio drivers, and have gone into Control Panel -> Sound -> Playback -> Advanced, trying different sample/bit rates, as well as checked and unchecked “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device”. When Spotify/Youtube is playing, I see the meter moving in the meter in the Control Panel -> Sound -> Playback dialogue. But no sound or any indication of it on my interface or software mixer.

**I realize this may not be a Cubase problem, but thought it was worth posting. Sound is working just fine coming out of Cubase!