No sound outside of cubase

Hello there,
the moment I open cubase all the sounds that was activate, if in youtube or in media player, stop working immediately.
the moment I close cubase and play again music in media player or youtube, the sound come back…

why is that and what can I do about it?


Go to:
Devices- Device Setup- select VST Audio System and tick the box that says “Release Driver when Application is in Background”

I’m affraid it is didnt solve the problem… /:

any idea :question:

Usually this depends on the driver you’re using - what soundcard/driver are you using?

to be honest I’m not sure were I find which sound card I have… but I’m pretty sure I’ve got a build in sound card called realtek hd audio manager

you think that if I’ll buy an external audio interface it will solve the problem?


Buying a good quality sound card is almost a given, and an important choice when using a professional DAW. Using an onboard sound chip is not at all a good idea for serious use.

between those two option :

  1. Behringer U-Control UCA222 USB Audio Interface

  1. Lexicon Alpha Desktop Recording Studio

would you recommend?

are they good enough for reduce the latency ?


I have no experience of either of those, but the Behringer does not look good. I think the way to approach this is first to work out what you need from your sound card (numbers of line/mic ins/outs etc).

Clearly budget is an issue perhaps, but you do get what you pay for. I have no experience myself of cards in the sub £100 range. M-Audio and Presonus also make some budget cards I think… Perhaps others on the forum can make recommendations. If you are able to go higher with your budget, you will most likely be rewarded with better performance.

Finding one with reliable ASIO drivers would be best for getting decent latency values. It’s worth taking time to carefully read reviews and get a good idea of what is out there.

Steinberg’s own UR family has a model for practically every user-niche. Follow dickiedrummer’s advice and check out the UR line:

Good advice and from a quick look the UR22 looks like a good bet, good specs and high sampling rates possible at a fair price. :slight_smile:

Never buy Steinberg hardware. Their long-term support record is second to everyone.

OP: You’ll need to get a bit more clued up, really, technically. However, to save spending anything, download ASIO4ALL and get that running, you’ll get lower latency and it may solve your original issue as well.

They either need a multi-client soundcard or just have to poke the audio driver’s “Exclusive Mode” in Windows.

@OP Here’s a screenie of the properties of my onboard audio, which doesn’t see much use, but I always make it a habit to untick that box anytime I’m building a new drive image. See that you do, too.
Exclusive mode.png
Frankly, I’d suggest a good consumer soundcard using ASIO4ALL to start, as chela suggests, just to isolate output from the horror that is onboard sound.

If you don’t plan on recording anything anytime soon, and you’re not good with computer internals (although you should be) you couldn’t go wrong with a simple USB solution like Focusrite’s “VRM Box”. It’s really just a USB headphone output with its own ASIO driver. You might find something cheaper from M-Audio or Behringer, but I wouldn’t trust them.