No sound, playback VST-instrument

Hi y’all!

Strange things happening here at the moment. I loaded an instrument (Sylenth1), I can play notes on my keyboard, I can play notes in the pianoroll and have sound. But when I draw my notes in, and hit play, absolutely nothing is happening in terms of sound. ![:face_with_spiral_eyes:|16x16]

Even stranger is that whatever instrument I load, there is a midi signal coming in when playing back, I can see that at a light or a beam in the VST itself. But once again, no sound.

Hope someone can help me out.



Double-check the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter. By default only SysEx is filtered out for both Record and Payback.

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have you looked at the settings in preference Monitor mode/style as manual

Probably looking over it, but I can’t find that option.

@Martin.Jirsak That’s not the solution unfortunatly


Could you please attach a screenshot, please?

  • Is it the same with an Audio Events?
  • Are you still in the Key Editor or in the Project window?
  • Is the Monitor button enabled or not?
  • Is the virtual MIDI keyboard in the plug-in (if there is any) moving?

-My audio is working fine, so no problems with my samples
-I’m in both, switching.
-Yes, its on
-No it is not moving, but the trigger light from the instrument, lits up when playing back


Going to make it even stranger. I loaded a sampler track, to see what it would do. Yes, that track is playing back a kick drum. But a drew a straight 4/4 beat, and its giving my an odd rythm now,

What the hell hahaha.

Should I re-install?


Could you try to add the MIDI Insert MIDI Monitor to see the MIDI data, please?

Cubase manual and all the manuals is hans to learn from. But its good to go thru it and trial and error.

And the kick. Look in to what quantisation you have. It rock me some years to understand and use inspector window, there is so mutch to learn from the left window. And read everything abought the prefference tab and all roll down window. Its a rabbit hole hehe.

Everything thats in the manuals and stuff that is hard to understand in text there is a extremly good live club cubase with Greg ondo.

There is time stamps so if there is a problem you have he show it realy and educational. it is the best for learning quickly. the same applies to Don Sigalas, who is also very educational, and shows cubase from a different angle as trix and goes through things in depth.

just watch this video

cubase has a lot on their youtube channel that is easy to take in and understand. if you dont want to read 3000+ pages hehe to get all info from all manuals

Does your drawn midi event have velocity associated with it? I’ve drawn events before that accidentally had velocity of 0.