No sound playing for samples or media bay. Tried every suggestion, please help!

I cannot for the life of me get sound to play from the media bay or the media itself when its brought into a track.
What I’m using :
• Cubase 11 Elements
• Steinberg UR 22 MK II (connect via USB3 Hub) Audio Interface.
• Macbook Air macOs Monterray.
• Adam Audio Studio monitors.

What I’ve tried:
• Ensuring preview volume is turned up.
• Ensuring monitor button is selected.
• Configuring Output Routes in Audio Connections (showing connected to monitors L & R).
• Ensuring track output is set to correct output.

It works if I play my bass or guitar but not for media bay or when dragging media into a track. Can someone please help!!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Make sure, the correct ASIO driver is selected in the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System.

Also double-check Audio Connections > Outputs, please.

Make sure Cubase has enabled Mic in the System Preferences, please.
Open macOS System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Microphone. Enable Cubase here.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for replying,
• The ASIO Driver is Steinberg UR 22 MKII
• Audio Connections > Outputs - Stereo Out set as main, showing as Steinberg UR22 MKII with Left and Right mapped.
• Microphone is enabled for Cubase.

Any other ideas?

All good!! Seemed to be an issue with Cubase’s library of sounds. Downloaded a pack from somewhere else and it works! Thanks for your time!

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