no sound playing (newbie)

Hello help!

I just downloaded the trial and cannot get any sound. I checked frequent questions and found this;

If you’re not getting any sound at all, start a new project and add a player with a piano instrument, then switch to Play mode, and in the VST Instruments panel on the right-hand side, check that one instance of HALion Sonic SE is shown as loaded. Click the little e (for editor) button to show the HALion Sonic SE window. You should see that the Yamaha S90ES Piano patch is loaded: click any of the keys in the keyboard at the bottom of the window. You should see the VU meters in the window light up, and you should hear some notes playing.

I get sound from the Helion keyboard but no sound out of any original templates.

(also I did a search for “no sound” and the search engine told me they are very frequently used words, no results. Any ideas on how to do a search like that. Thank you.

start with this

Thank you! That is the one I quoted on my first question.

Could you please zip up the folder at following location and post here:


Also, create a simple piano project with a handful of arbitrary notes. Save it, zip it up and also post here.
From the data I probably will be able to tell what is wrong.

Thank you Ulf, somehow I got it to work.

Best regards,

You’re welcome. Let us know if you run into trouble again.
Cheers, Ulf