No sound previewing in Loop Browser for example

Hi, I´m running Cubase 6.5 on my Mac Pro, Lion 10.7.4.
My problem is that there is no sound when i try to play or loop a file in for example Loop Browser, Sound Browser, the Pool or Media Bay. I can see that the file is played but there is no sound. I have the same problem in Sample Editor and Audio Part Editor for example. It´s only in the Project window I get any sound.
Can you help me? Thank´s in advance!


Activate your Control Room, in the VST Connections > Studio tab, and set Monitor 1, as your Main output (I mean, set output of this Monitor 1 bus in to your main physical outputs – for example Output 1&2). This output is used as preview output for Loop Browser, Media Bay, Import audio window preview, etc.

Thank you Martin, I am so grateful, everything is working great now!
Best regards, Challe

I had the same problem and this answer fixed it … thanks from me too!

Thanks from me too :slight_smile:)))))))

And thanks from me too!

One more thing though: I made the connection, but now it seems I have to do this every time I start Cubase. Why does it not store the info?

This settings (VST Connection) is saved with every sjngle project. If you want to use it for all your projects, save it into your own template.

Thanks Martin!

Thx, your post still works :slight_smile:

Update: Well, I saved the projects I currently work on with the VST Connections as said, but it doesn´t work. I have to make the connection in the same project again and again. Strange…

Strange… Are you using the same sound card model?

Yes the Motu is my only soundcard on this system.