no sound recorded into cubase recorder

I’m trying to record my guitar with the built in mic in my Mac. When I try to record, nothing gets recorded. Please help.

Hi Leonidas_c,
please proide some detail about how your guitar is connected to your mac and what your complete routing in cubase is (channels, busses, etc.) and what buttons you have pressed.

Does any of your meters in cubase indicate a signal coming in?

My guitar is not connected to the computer, I am trying to use the built-in microphone inside my Mac, it worked for GarageBand. And I don’t know the complete routing, as for the buttons I hit the record circle on the bottom of the cubase pro project window.


Have you also armed an audio track for recording?

I believe so

Hi you,
let me sum up:
You used to work with garage band. You bought Cubase. You installed it. Then you started it and created an audio track to record to. You “believe” you have armed the audio track for recording. Started recording. Nothing happens.
If so: What Audio Driver did you select in Studio Setup? (this is the cruicial step to make your microphone’s sound available to cubase.

Are you confused by any of the steps I am describing?
If so - please, for the sake of your happiness: Have a look at some basic youtube videos and/or read the most basic chapters of the manual that describe how audio recording works and of course how to set up cubase so you can work with it.

Cheers, Ernst

You need to allow Cubase access to the mic in the OS.

How do you do that?

How do I allow cubase access to the mic in os?

Apple permissions and security, allow Cubase aces to the microphone=(really any input).

I apologize, I am new on a Mac. How do I reach permissions and security to allow cubase access to the microphone?

I don’t think I armed a track, how is this done?,

thank you for replying

Leonidas_c “arming” a track for recording means to press the red “R” button on the track.
As a side remark: I think it would be necessary for you to get some fundamental training in using a Mac and using Cubase. The level of your questions indicates that posting single questions in a forum will not get you very far.
Please dont get me wrong - i want to help: For “Mac” - try to find a friend in your neighbourhood who sits down with you and plays around with the Mac-Basics with you. And concerning cubase and recording… youtube, manuals, books… these pave your road to happiness ;o)…

thanks, I’ll check out the videos

Great :slight_smile:.

You are of course welcome with your questions.
I personally can’t help in detail with Mac Questions.
For learning cubase some youtube videos are a great help. I am convinced that having a look at the basic concepts of cubase in the manual will also help! At least you will become familiar with the terminology of the program.

For your current problem I think access of cubase to your microphone is key (I assume that because you said you have no signal in cubase).
All the best!