No sound since 4.0.2 update

I’m not getting any sound out of Dorico since updating to When NotePerformer is selected as playback template, NP just shows the ‘getting started’ page, no instruments. When I select HSO Pro, the instruments show up but still no sound. I’m attaching the diagnostic file. Please help :))
Dorico (1.8 MB)

Hi @CMS_LU , this is a strange case. The audio engine does recognize the built-in input device, but no output device and therefore does not know where to stream the audio out to, and thus all silence.
How about other apps, can they output sound?
Also have a look in the Audio MIDI Setup utility, is the Built-In Output device enabled?

I’m not very good at reading these diagnostics, but if @CMS_LU runs Logic, then the computer is a Mac. If it is a M1 Mac, NP will only run under Rosetta.

I’ve checked that. According to the audio engine log it uses the x86_64 platform. So either it is an Intel machine or it runs in Rosetta mode.

Hi Ulf,
Everything looks normal in Audio MIDI Setup. Other apps have sound. I’m on an M1 under rosetta. Had no problems until the update.

Since I’m in the middle of a few projects, is there a way to go back to 4.0.10 while figuring this out?

Let’s try something first. Please go to Edit > Device Setup and then press the Control Panel button, a new window opens. In there on the bottom right, I think, is a list of output devices. Is there anything shown and also check-marked?

That was it! In the input/output configuration section, output (MacBook air speakers) was unchecked. Now that it’s checked, it works!

Many thanks, Ulf!

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