No sound sound in audition window AND no waveform

Hi I’m using cubase pro 9.5. I know there’s been topics about this no sound when I audition a VST instrument like Halion SE. This happens in the right window as well as the MediaBay. I’ve enabled the output in the control room and still nothing. Also, on the bottom its the on-screen keyboard and not a waveform.I actually just reinstalled it and it was also doing the same thing before and it still is now. Can anyone help? Please and thank you,

Hi and welcome on the forum,

What kind of Output did you enabled? Please add Monitor 1 bus and set its output to your speakers.

This happens, if you select Instrument preset. So you can preview it from MIDI. There is no audio demo file of the sound.

Thanks for replying. I get the control room thing. I set it to my speakers. The MIDI instrument still doesn’t play. The only way I can audition the sound is with the MIDI keyboard and only if I create an instrument track and when my main output is set not the control room output. It’s weird.


Control Room has several output buses. Which one did you use, please?

What do you mean by this, please? What kind of MIDI Keyboard are you talking about? Is it a hardware synth?