No sound, the continuing adventure

I periodically get projects with no sound on my laptop, even after reloading the playback template. I’m sorry to say I can’t remember where to look for solutions, as the pinned post isn’t visible to me, and I can’t find it via search.

I have no idea why some projects play and some don’t, since I’m reloading the same playback template and have not changed any system settings.

Here’s one file that won’t play, attached.
All Glory Laud and Honor_gibc.dorico (1.3 MB)

FWIW, it plays back for me but only after I reapplied the playback template. Sounds really great, BTW.
I assume you’ve also rechecked the device setup. Occasionally that has disengaged on my system.

Thanks for the kind word. It’s still in process, frantically finishing it for Palm Sunday. When I re-apply the template, it still doesn’t play for me.

Hi @DanKreider , it does not utter a sound with you, because all faders are set to minus infinity.
Somewhere in the Preferences is the default fader level, you have to pull that up again.

Oh goodness. Idiot Award. Thank you Ulf!


:smiley: No worries, you won’t be the last one…