No sound through headphones

Dear Dorico Team

I recently upgraded Dorico 4 to 5. Unfortunately, with the new update I cannot seem to get any sounds from my headphones. It works perfectly with my laptop speakers but not if I plug in any headphones.

I tried to solve the problem using the device setup panel. There I changed the sample rate, changed the ASIO driver, went to the device control panel and ticked the selection “headphones” and also tried to solve the problem by deactivating ASIO. None of the mentioned approaches worked. Additionally, I reinstalled Dorico 5 but again no success.

I use Windows 11 on a Lenovo laptop.

Is there any other option of solving my problem?

With kind regards,

Hi @alejandro.inauen , welcome to the forum.

Could you please load a project into Dorico, using the built-in speakers and make sure that is sounds. Then plug-in the headphones and do from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report. The corresponding zip file post here, please. Thanks

Here is the Diagnostic Report.
Thanks for the help!

Dorico (443.0 KB)

Thanks for the data. I can see in the logs that you try to switch to the headphones, but one second later it is back to the speakers.
What if you try FlexASIO as driver? It’s also a generic ASIO driver and free for download under

That solved the issue. Thanks a lot!

I am a bit confused that prior to the update I had no problem with the ASIO Driver and now it needs a new one. Why could that be?

I can’t tell you straight away, would need to find out. But if FlexASIO does the job…

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