No sound through sound card


I have a digital piano Roland F-120 with UMMONE connesion usb.
I bought Cubase El8 last update.

I can record when I play but I cannot hear through the piano. I just hear a sound through the pc loudspeakers with a MIDI sound of course.

How can I settle Cubase to improve ?

Please help me! :frowning: :question: :question: :question:

The F120 doesn’t have an audio interface so you can’t play back audio from Cubase to your piano.
What you can do, is play back the recorded midi from Cubase to the F120 and hear what you recorded back on the piano.

That’s a matter of setting the output of your midi track to the F120.

Thx for your reply.
That is exactly what I try to do: play back midi record on the piano. How can I settle the output midi track to the F120. I guess it is not very difficult but I don’t find the right tip.
Thank you for your help.

Here’s a screenshot of an older version of Cubase, but it looks the same in El8 I think.

You see 3 midi tracks here. On the left, you can see the in and output routing of the selected track.
Where it says ‘all midi inputs’ is where you set the input of the midi track. With ‘all midi inputs’ selected the track will record any midi information it receives from any source. You can leave it at that, or put it to whatever your F120 output is called, but this doesn’t seem to be a problem since you apparently managed to record midi from the piano.
The box below that shows the output routing. This should be set to the F120 midi input, so the track plays its midi to the piano. If you’re playing the midi back to the F120 and you’re still not hearing anything from the piano (make sure the piano is on :wink:), maybe the piano is expecting midi on a different channel. Almost all instruments take midi from channel 1, but you can try other channels to see if that makes a difference. You can change the channel in that small box alligned to the right, below the output routing.

I hope this works out, if not it’s probably going to be a bit more complicated :slight_smile:
Good luck!

I am afraid I miss something. I need to settle correctly Cubase. Today I cannot even record from the piano.
I have troubles with the video tutorial. I cannot watch the video and work on the soth at the same time!

Sorry, I am an old man and perhaps I need more help.

I have no luck.

To watch a video while Cubase is open, enable ‘Release ASIO driver in background’ in device setup:


I’ll try it.

Thank you

Fine, I find this post solved my problem easily. Thanks.

I did it, thank you for your help.

Nice one :slight_smile:
Have fun making music!