No sound to mixer in Cubase 11 Artist

The signal to the output on the mixer does not come after I made a backup of a project, if I take it from the back it works but on all my other recordings there is no signal to the mixer but you can see that there is a signal on the recording track. what has gone wrong and how do I get a signal to the mixer. Cubase 11 artist

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Please double-check there is no plug-in in Demo/Trial mode. Trey to bypass all plug-ins at the Stereo Out.

Double-check the Audio Connections > Outputs, please.

Hej Martin
A bit difficult to explain the problem of technical terms when I don’t understand but it’s a disaster because all my projects lack sound.
The sound card works as it should i.e. all connections outside Cubase.
But on all my Projects the communication between the audio tracks and the mixer module is missing after I did a backup on a project.
But if I load the backup on the project that I was going to send on to a friend for layering, it works fine.


If all projects are affected, double-check the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System > ASIO Driver, please. Make sure, you Audio Device driver is selected.

Hej Martin
After a couple of hours with Cubase it worked out :slightly_smiling_face:
Found that one " sync project and mixconsole" how and why it had changed when I did a backup on a Project is a mystery , but now it works
Wish you a good day, MVH