No sound tutorial video when Cubase is turned on

Hello everybody,

I think that this might be an fundamental thing with sequencers but I just updated my Cubase 6.5 up to Cubase 7 and I like to know if someone can tell me why I can’t listen to video tutorials and having Cubase turned on. For example, when I open Cubase 7 and choose a video in the Steinberg Hub, a link will take me to that video but No sound.
I know that it wasn’t possible on earlier Cubase releases that i knew about so I would appreciate it if someone can tell my why this is and if there is something to about it?

Many thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Night Owl

Is your ASIO driver single-client?

I have the same problem with a MacBook Pro, RME 400 USB Interface. But i think when u change it to 64bit, it will works. :nerd:

I don’t know, I havn’t looked at that yet.
I will take a look, thanks!

I use Firewire UC Mac, but on 64bit also doesn’t work :frowning:
i think this is a bug.

with Interface do you use?

Unfortunately that is not the solution because I have the 64bit version installed.

I’m wondering if this is part of the new ASIOGuard and Cubase no longer allows other devices to use the ASIO driver when it’s open.

I don’t use an interface for an year know. I only use my laptop and use my typing keyboard from my laptop as my keyboard :slight_smile:

Maybe you’re right but what’s the purpose of the Steinberg Hub when the tutorial video’s can’t be played without sound?
That would not be efficient because you have to close Cubase everytime when you want to listen to an video tutorial :confused:

Devices ->Device Set Up -> VST AUDIO SYSTEM -> Release Driver When Audio Application Is in Background (Radio Button)

That stops Cubase’s audio when another App wants to access the soundcard, not vice versa.


Your sig says C5. How would you know? :confused:

Your sig says C6.5

Using it with Apple 10.8.2 here and a UR28m I am able to launch videos from the hub. I am also able to hear the audio from the videos as well as hear Cubase playback at the same time. This is also consistent when I bring different app windows to the front. I would make sure you are using an ASIO driver as Cubase was designed to work its best with one.

Fixed :wink: