NO Sound unless i bypass inserts? Cubase 7


I Have cubase 7 on Pc working for quite some time now. Until today i turned it on and pressed play on the loop i have constructed then i received no output sound.

Ive checked all the device setup and vst connections they are all set correctly as they wore when i had sound.
I then found if i clicked on (bypass inserts) on the audio tracks i would get sound. But then of course i would have no inserts working. Ive noticed that on my mixconsole that no stereo in, stereo out have no movement of sound.

Ive tried reading forums and spent some time trying to fix this issue. Im hoping it something simple that i cant find, and not a bug.

Any help i would be much appreciated.

i have also noticed that without the bypass inserts selected for example. I cant see the compressor or eq filter working. Its like they have reset them selves then once i use a setting rather then default it will work as per normal. But that means all my eqing and other inserts have to be re done which is frustrating.

Its almost like i have to remove the inserts or reset them for everything to work according as per normal. arhhhh