No sound when adding VSTs to project

Can someone please help with this. I just upgraded to a Mac MINI M1, and reloaded Cubase 12 Artist. When I add a VST to a new project, I cannot hear the keyboard sounds. Instead, they are coming from the Mini Mi speakers, so I’m sure it’a a Mac issue. Is there a Mac person here that can help me get the VST sounds going? Thanks much…


What do you mean by the keyboard sound, please?

Well, I mean that I load the VST, in this case Callab B3 into a track, but when I play the organ, i can’t hear it at all. The VU meters move indicating that there should be sound, but I can’t hear it at all. I’ve checked my audio settings, and it all looks fine to me, but no sound at all when i play the organ. Thanks.


What Audio Device do you use, please?

Can you hear an audio, if you import any Audio file from the MediaBay or other way to the project?