No sound when connecting my Korg M1 as MIDI keyboard

I can not get my connection to work properly.
I have Cubase Artist 8, UR22, a good 64 bit PC lap top, and a Korg M1 as my MIDI-keyboard.
Connect the MIDI-out från my M1 to MIDI-in on the UR22.
headphones plugged in.
I can se that the midi signal “indicator” is regeristering the mini signal, but no matter what I do I can not make any sound com out from the hedphones when hitting the keys on my M1.
Anyone has the same problem?

Midi does not carry any sound.

You need to add an instrument track, load a vst instrument to it and hit the monitor button to be able to play it.

If you actually want to hear the M1 you’ll need to plug it’s audio output in to the UR audio inputs (or plug headphones to the M1)

Does this program also work on Korg, more specifically the Korg Krome workstation? I have the mx61 at home, but so i won’t need to carry it with me, they have the korg workstation 81 keys. Is it possible to have the performance that I have saved in the mx work itself into cubase and then to the workstation?

Thanx for the reply and sorry for my, a bit unclear question. Yes, I know that MIDI does not carry sound. I have added an instrument track as i am supposed to do, but still. the only thing i see is that the midi signal is coming in to cubase, but I can not make the loaded vst instrument sound to come out of my headphones.

BUT last night I tried “add track using track presets” and then during my selection of instrument the VST sound is sounding. but as soon as I select “add track” I am back to sqare one :frowning: I see the midi signal, but no sound…

Maybe this helps you further in helping me understand.

Are you clicking the monitor button on the track (little speaker icon)

yes, i have tried the monitor button both on and off

You see the midi signal coming into Cubase. Is that on the transport panel? Do you see midi activity on the track itself?
Is the track set to the correct midi channel?