No Sound When Cubase Media is put Into Timeline

Hello, I am completely new to Cubase and must admit I am completely confused. I am not recording anything and just want to use Cubase’s pre-recorded media. The problem is with this when I drag any of it into the timeline, there is no sound. A purple box is just plopped into the timeline with no audio waves. I’m sure I’m just doing something wrong here so any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Do you really put an Audio file/sample into the project?

How is your Studio > Audio Connections > Outputs settings?

Can you see meters while playback?

Is the Monitor button disabled on the track?

Maybe a screenshot would help to understand, what you are doing, please.

Hello, thank you for your response!

My audio output settings seem all good, as I can hear the sounds in the preview menu, just not the timeline. All the other suggestions I’m not sure of so I will attach a screenshot of what I’m looking at. I appreciate the help.


This is an Instrument track with Prologue VSTi, not an Audio tracks. You have t record/insert some MIDI Notes.