No sound when hitting space button

Hello! I am trying to make record live tracks using X32 Behringer Digital Mixer with Cubase 9.5 Elements. I got so far setting Cubase to record my inputs, and setting my outputs to hear the tracks recorded back to the X32. But when I hit the space button on my keyboard I am getting no sound although the line is moving. I get sound only if I select the small icon with the speaker on it, and only if I keep my mouser on the track. I tried switching the drivers to the computer sound board, the same thing. I am struggling with this a few days now and I don t know what is causing this. Please help me! :confused:

That little button with the speaker on it is the track monitor button. When enabled you can monitor during recording. It has to be disabled to hear what was recorded. Your Beringer interface software may have a direct monitoring function. I suggest you check for that in the Beringer forum and hopefully it will assist with what you want.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Mine makes a click sound, a bit looser than the other keys and more distinguished