No sound when importing tracks

I already asked this question on a German Cubase group without success: When importing MIDI (!) tracks of a 48kHz project into a newly created 44kHz project, the VST instruments remained silent. Inputs and outputs correctly routed, sound card assigned exactly, etc. The only exception were 2 tracks of the EZ drummer. Reasons not recognizable. VU instruments showed deflection, also played on the midi keyboard, but without sound. Only when adding a new track with the same instrument did sounds sound. The only audio track was converted and transferred correctly. However, the effect channel that was also imported had no effect until I deleted the setting in the routing and entered it again. Please, please, I beg on my knees: don’t ask me why I want to transfer a 48khz project to a 44khz project. An answer would be much appreciated instead.


Do you import a MIDI Track or an Instrument Track? If a MIDI Track, how is the routing done?

Could you try to click the Deactivate All Mute State button, please?

Hi Martin,

I now repeat the process:

First of all: it is Cubase 12, Windows 10, all the latest version.
Since I am translating from German, I hope that all terms are correct.

I import the complete tracks: File - import - tracks of project - project will be read - import options - click on source track - destination track new track (events & parts/channel& inspector settings/automation)
Copy media files to active project folder
Convert sample rate

and to my damn surprise all the midi tracks are working now, just the only audio track isn’t (unlike yesterday) I can’t believe it.

Something is fooling me.

Maybe when I import it for the third time everything will work. In German it means: all good things come in threes.

Curiously, when clicked, the audio channel points to an instrument’s “side chain”. If I change it to stereo out manually, the sound works. However, the imported effect channel does not deliver. Only when I delete the entry in the routing and then re-enter the effects path under “sends”.

I’m glad that the main problem seems to be solved. It remains mysterious nonetheless.
Thanks anyway, because without the question I probably wouldn’t have gotten any closer to the solution.

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