No sound when moving a short note using the four way keys

I report that when moving up or down a short note with the four-way keys, no sound is heard.
short note are those that are less than 1/16th or 1/32nd of a beat or about 0.2 seconds.

・When I click on a note with the mouse cursor, it sounds a constant duration regardless of the duration of the note. This is a convenient and unchanged from previous versions.

・Moving the note up or down with the 4-keys, long note are sounded longer while short note are sounded shorter.This is a feature that did not exist in the previous version.

Therefore, short note below a certain length will not produce any sound at all.

To find out if this is a problem caused by the slow attack component of the sound source itself, I tested the following conditions.


  1. Using the Retrologue included in Cubase, I set the attack component of this synth to 0 ms.
  2. I set it to a sound value of about 0.05 seconds, which caused the above problem.

This is obviously a bug.
It’s very inconvenient to type in short phrases.
The developers need to make the sound behavior with the 4-keys to with the mouse cursor.


This is known and already reported issue. Thank you.