No sound when routing Steven Slate Drums to Multi Outs


I’m having a problem routing Steven Slate drums (SSD4) to Multi outs in Cubase.

After checking out whatever tutorials I could find online, I keep having the same problem, which is that I cannot get any sound to come out of the multi-out tracks.

I ran into this problem about a year ago, and spending a week or so trying to figure it out, I gave up on it and worked around it.

Here is the video I made to present my problem:

Does anyone see what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you very much,



Allright. Here is the Problem:

What you did was to insert a second instance of SSD4 in the “VST Instrument RACK” wich had a midi track assigned but with no content.
You than seperated the outputs inside the first SSD4 instance on your “Instrument track”. What you need to know is that the isntrument track and the vst instrument rack are two different things.
Most importantly the Instrument track in Cubase prior to Version 7.5 is not multiout capable.
so here is what you do:

Go to your first instance of SSD4 wich is on your Instrument Track and save your preset inside SSD4.
Now open the Second Instance of SSD4 you inserted into the VST Instrument RAck and load the Preset there. Now assign all the ouputs inside SSD4 and on your VST Instrument Rack.

Thank you very much NovikTheWise!

I had set up a technical assistance call (with remote control) with Slate, and just before they called me, I read your response.

The Slate tech and I were sort of stumped by my problem at first, mostly because he doesn’t use Cubase often. But I read your post to him and it was a big help… we were finally able to figure it out.

For any Cubase 6.5 users who are reading this post, this is how I would explain it:

I created an Instrument Track for SSD4 in the “normal” way (Add Track > Add Instrument Track > SSD4) and recorded the midi file on this same Instrument Track. This works just fine. However, an Instrument Track created in this way can only have 2 track (L&R) output. IT CANNOT HAVE MULTI OUTPUTS.

So, this is why Cubase automatically CREATES ANOTHER (and functionally different) INSTANCE OF SSD4 after you’ve clicked though the process of creating Multi-Outs as follows:

Devices > VST Instruments > Add SSD Sampler to top field > Create a MIDI track assigned to SSD4? - YES > Click icon to “Activate All Outputs”

You’ll see this second instance of SSD4 appears to be a MIDI track, BUT unlike a regular MIDI track, it has the Instrument Track Keyboard Icon (Edit Instrument) available on it’s fader and track manager. Now pay attention to the language here…This second instance is NOT an Instrument Track, but it is a VST Instrument Track, and it has better output routing capabilities than the ol’ traditional “Instrument Track.”

There are few things to do:

  1. On the fader or track manager of the new VST Instrument instance of SSD4, click the Keyboard Icon (Edit Instrument) and make sure you have a kit loaded and the kit is turned on (not grayed out)

  2. While have the GUI of SSD4 open on the new VST Instrument track, open the drum mixer and assign each of the drums to the gray faders as desired.

  3. Grab the midi track you created from the original Instrument track, and drop it onto the new VST Instrument track.

    Everything SHOULD work now. I had essentially done everything correctly. The only problem was that there was NO MIDI DATA for the second (new) instance of SSD4 (VST Instrument track) to play. Once you’ve determined that everything is working, you can delete the original “old” Instrument Track.

    The funny is, I kept seeing the second instance of SSD4 appearing, but I kept deleting it because after all, “I already had one instance of SSD4 in the project, and I didn’t need another one eating up my resources.”

    I apologize if this post sounds like I’m teaching elementary school, but I don’t want anyone else to have to waste all the hours I did on this. I composed this for posterity so I want it to be as clear as possible. I’ve already been back here a couple times editing it.

    Thanks again,