No sound when switching edited project back to recording PC

Hello All,

This topic has probably been addressed already but I couldn’t find a solution.
I backed up a recently recorded project to a USB flash drive from the PC located in our bands rehearsal studio for further mixing and editing on my home PC. Both PC’s are high end machines running Cubase 12 PRO. We use a Soundcraft Signature 22 MTK for our audio interface in the studio. and use the Soundcraft ASIO drivers. I do not have any audio interface at home so I use the Generic ASIO low latency format and both are set at 44.1 Hz. I had no problem opening and working with the recorded tracks on my home PC, I did no further recording, just adding EQ, and some other plug-ins all of which are loaded on both PC’s . After opening the project on the studio PC last night it loaded all the tracks fine but there’s no output sound back through the Soundcraft to the monitors. All the meters are moving so I know it’s playing fine, just no sound. Is it possible there’s a conflict with the ASIO drivers as they’re not the same on both PC’s ? Any help would be much appreciated.


Mike B.


Is the ASIO Driver selected? How did the Audio Connections > Outputs (or Control Room) look like?

I would recommend to use Control Room, which is global. Audio Connections > Outputs are stored in the Project.