No sound when third party loop is played

Hi Friends, I need your help please.

I had not been using my Cubase for quite sometime. Now when I try to load a thirdparty loop (eg. from looperman), it does not have any sound when played.

How do I solve this ?
Thanks in advance.

That’s not much to go on. What kind of file type is it? Did you import onto an audio track? Are any other audio files played back in Cubase?

Thanks Johnny_Moneto,

Sorry I did not provide enough information regarding this issue.

I noticed that it is just with audio files only and it is regardless whether it is third party or cubase native audio files. Also it plays the audio file sound in the media but not when it is loaded into a track. The MIDI loops play both in the media bay as well as when loaded into track. My DAW is Cubase 9